Friday, March 12, 2010

Baloons, Prayers and Lessons Learned

Check out my mom's blog for a cute story about the kids. So sweet. . .

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Private

Please put your e-mail adress in a comment below so I can add you to my "private blog reader club". Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Treadmill fight

Brandon got in a fight with the treadmill. . . . and lost. Poor little guy! I was afraid to send him to school today- I hope they don't take him away :)

I've been horrible about updating my blog lately. I have TONS of pictures and things to write but I'm not sure where to start. Stay tuned for updates. . .

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brandon- the mighty hunter

Brandon and Eric went for a "drive" and came back with a little surprise. Boy was Brandon excited about the pheasant they shot. He was talking as fast (and as loud) as he could when he telling me about it.

Brandon: "Mom, it was so cool. I was lookin out the window when we were going around a corner and I saw this bird by Granny's. I told daddy to shoot it. We followed the bird's foot prints and then we shot it in the neck. We just shot it with a shotgun. I carried it to the car by it's feet."

Mom: "Oh, poor little bird. What about it's kids? You shot their dad!"

Brandon: "You're silly mom, birds don't have kids. Let's eat it. First we have to take it's guts out. Then we can eat it. "

Hmmm. . . 3 years old. Is he to young for this kind of stuff?
So proud!
I do NOT like to eat wild birds. . . or wild anything for that matter. I think I'll have cereal for dinner. Eric and the kids can eat the "chicken".

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Preschool Christmas Program

Brandon's preschool Christmas program was a few days ago. He knew all the songs and did such a good job!

What a handsome little guy, huh?

(Ignore the horrible quality of the video. I was out of tape for my video camera so I had to use my digital camera. )

Gingerbread fun. . .

Both the kids stayed home sick from school today. Brandon has impetigo (a weird skin infection that's super contagious) and Lexi has a nasty cold. Oh, and I'm getting over strep throat (day 3 of the z-pak and I'm FINALLY feeling better). Any way. . . the kids were bored so we got out the ginger bread house kit I bought a few days ago. They had lots of fun making their own little ginger bread village and eating lots of frosting and candy, which is the best part right? Any way, it was a peaceful day (except for waking up with no water because of frozen pipes and ending the day with a trip to the ER for staples in Brandon's head.) :)

Working hard. . . .

It's snowing!

All done. . .

Brandon thought it would be fun to use his train table as a bike ramp. He set the table against his bed and rode his little four wheeler down it. Not sure what happened but I heard a big crash and he came running out with blood all over his face. As soon as I got the bleeding to slow down a little bit I took a look. I could see his skull. . . so I knew he'd need staples. My mom braved the weather (9 below zero. . . YUCK) and hung out with Lexi while I took Brandon to the ER. He was so proud of him self for not crying when the Dr. put the staples in. Poor little guy.

My brave litte guy. Cute with impetigo and all :)

Well, every one is settled for the night. It's final's week. . . I should study, but my bed is calling my name. I better go see what it wants. Good night!

Friday, November 20, 2009

We did it. . .

After lots of debate, we decided to get the H1N1 vaccination. I was on the fence about getting the kids vaccinated. We get the seasonal flu vaccination every year. . . but with the H1N1 it was hard to get real information. There are SO many misconceptions about the shot that I have to admit, even I was a little nervous. (We got the nasal mist- do a little research before getting to freaked out by a "live virus").

I have to do community service for school so I signed up to help with the H1N1 vaccine clinic at the Public Health Department today. After talking with the public health nurse and reading lots of information I decided we'd better get it. So. . . it's done. Lexi, Brandon and I are all vaccinated. Eric doesn't qualify (he's not in any of the high risk categories) so hopefully he stays healthy. It's nice to know that my kids won't end up looking like this: